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I needed help.  I was overweight, I was physically tired and I was discouraged with the fluffy and soft body that had snuck up on me.  If I didn't turn this around I would not be able to do the things I wanted to do and I would be forever trying to squeeze into clothes that did not fit properly.  For the first time ever, I actually realized my lifestyle needed to change or there would be consequences that may not be reversible.

I have been minimally active in the past and have dieted in the past, but this time I felt very overwhelmed with the work that needed to be done.  My lower back ached and a strained rotator cuff limited my movement.  I saw Candace's uBalance Fitness Facebook post and reached out and she met with me.  After meeting with Candace I knew I was on the right track.

Candace listens.  She is reassuring, realistic and very knowledgeable.  Her gym is clean, well stocked and very professional.  I have been working out with Candace three times a week for almost 6 months.  I feel like a new person.  My blood pressure is considered perfect, I have lost 26 pounds, I have energy and enthusiasm for activity and my lower back and rotator cuff aches and pains have vanished.  Candace has led me and encouraged me to be a new and improved version of myself.

Candace has designed and puts me through a very specific conditioning and strength program that has left me felling empowered and capable.  She guides my nutrition and offers valuable input.  Sometimes I complain and dread the gym sessions because they are challenging, but every single time I feel like a million bucks when I am finished.  I smile and feel proud when I am leaving her gym because I accomplished something i would never done alone.  Candace makes necessary adaptations to my program when encouragement is not enough.

Cheryl Korte

Image by Ban Yido

Megan Pelz

"I highly recommend You Balance Coaching, Candace truly knows her stuff! My workouts are all about form, and strength - balanced with cardio.
I have tried personal training before elsewhere, with varied results - but have been so incredibly happy with all my progress at You Balance Coaching!

I definitely recommend Candace. She is always checking in, has great workouts, helps keep me motivated even when I'm not feeling it. Love the bootcamps. She's always positive and just a great person to be around.

Misty Morton

Image by Uwe Conrad

Gen Sicard

"If you need a good kick in the butt to get motivated and on track with your work outs and nutrition. Candace Desjardins is amazing!
I’ve been working with her for a month now and my eating is controlled and so much healthier. She has different work outs ready for me so I can pick and choose what I feel like doing that day. And the apps for workouts and food tracking are awesome!!!
After a year of being in a rut and my weight being up and down, I’m back on track, noticing my body toning and the LBs shedding within my first month!"

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