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I am Candace Desjardins, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mindset Coach and Owner of You Balance Coaching (est. 2017).  Since first opening I have embraced my passion for helping people feel better inside and out.  I aspire to share what has helped me move through the ebbs and flows of life with a conscious effort to be happy with who I am and how I show up for myself and others in this world.

I coach strength training, functional fitness, mindful exercise, clean & nutrient dense nutrition and mindset tools that I feel are integral to living a vibrant, meaningful life full of passion and vitality.  I value spending time taking care of my body, mind and soul each day and I guide others to do the same.

My mission for You Balance is to guide others towards their health and lifestyle goals and dreams through one on one coaching in my private gym and online through my app and zoom.

I am grateful you are here on my web page, please take a look around at coaching options and reach out to me with any questions in the chat box below.

You can follow along with my coaching journey on Instagram and Facebook @youbalancecoaching.

With gratitude,

-Candace Desjardins


'All the answers are within you, you just need to sit still enough to listen"

Candace Desjardins

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